Alpostin 500mcg Injection Uses and Side Effects

Medicine Name Alpostin 500mcg Injection
Manufactured By Samarth Life Sciences Pvt Ltd
Medicine Category All Other Cardiac Preparations
Salt Composition Alprostadil (500mcg)

Alpostin 500mcg Injection Side Effects

Penile pain,Frequent and excessive erections of penis,Injection site hematoma,Penile disorder,Peyronie disease,Muscle spasm,Hematoma,Ecchymosis (discoloration of the skin resulting from bleeding underneath)

Alpostin 500mcg Injection Uses

Alpostin 500mcg Injection is used to treat erectile dysfunction (inability to maintain erection for intercourse) in men. It increases blood flow in the penis on sexual stimulation to achieve and maintain an erection suitable for sexual activity.Alpostin 500mcg Injection is a prescription medicine that is to be taken only with a valid doctor’s prescription. It is very important to read the label before taking the medicine for an accurate administration of the injection. The medicine is to be taken before you plan any sexual activity. It must be used as per the label or as guided by the doctor. You must receive the medicine in the dose and duration as per the prescription. Long-term use of this medicine is not recommended unless your doctor asks you to do so.The most common side effect of this medicine is penile pain. It may also cause muscle spasms, Peyronie’s disease, penile disorder, erection increased, injection site hematoma, hematoma, and ecchymosis If you experience any other side effects, let your doctor know.Before receiving the treatment, inform your doctor if you are on any medication for any other health condition. Patients with heart or blood pressure disorder must be cautious while receiving the prescription and they must receive regular follow-ups as per the doctor’s advice.

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