Calories in Poha (Flattened Rice) – Is Poha Healthy?

Poha is one of the most popular breakfast and brunch dishes in India that generally is known by many different names across the nation. If you’re looking for the best weight loss diet, poha is considered the best choice for your breakfast. Besides poha is a favorite breakfast recipe prepared in many different ways and tastes delicious in every way. It also gives you a perfect & energetic beginning to your day. 

Poha is not just simple to prepared, but is also lighter and jam-packed with essential nutrients like carbs and iron and low on your glycemic index. Rice, on the other hand, has lots of simple carbohydrates, which have been associated with insulin fluctuations, weight gain, and lethargy. So, poha is always a better alternative compared to rice.

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Besides being highly beneficial for your overall health poha keeps your weight in control since it has a good amount of fiber that keeps you full for a very long time and controls hunger pangs. But, in this post, we will look at some health benefits and nutritional value, and calories present in poha.

Calories in Poha (Flattened Rice) - Is Poha Healthy?

Health Benefits of Poha

  • Calories present in poha can control your blood sugar levels – as poha is very rich in fiber that promotes the release of sugar in your bloodstream.
  • Poha is probiotic and helps you to digest carbs and proteins that are excellent for our digestive system.
  • Being rich in carbohydrates, poha provides instant energy to your body that helps to carry out your daily functions.
  • Poha is very light on stomach – it is a stomach filled food and won’t make you heavy or exhausted makes this dish perfect compared to other foods. Poha is very light on your stomach and easy to digest. It will not cause bloating or gas issues.
  • Poha is very low in calories – and is the best dish for people looking for weight loss. One bowl of poha carries over 250 calories (including veggies and other stuff you add).

Calories in Poha

Poha is very low in calories hence it helps reduce your weight gain risk. Poha has only 250 calories and has minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, which help to burn fat. Besides regular diet and exercise, consuming poha will be the better choice to lose weight since it has lesser calories. When we talk about calories present in poha, then one bowl of poha gives you 200 to 250 calories that include:

  • Carbohydrates – 100 calories
  • Protein – 9 calories
  • Fat – 71 calories 
Nutritional  FactsNutritional Values
Sodium:201 mg
Dietary Fiber:0.9 gm
Sugars:0.5 gm
Protein:2.34 gm
Calcium:15 mg
Iron:1.06 mg
Potassium:117 mg
Vitamin A:6 mcg
Vitamin C:6.4 mg

This said calories present in one plate of poha serving give over 9% of the daily calorie need from the standard diet of over 2000 calories. So, to make it more nutritious and healthier, you must consider cooking poha in coconut oil or olive oil, by adding more vegetables to it.

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