How can good fitness and health improve your career success?

When we talk about any successful person, an image of a healthy and happy personality comes to our mind. Really, mental health and physical health impact our performance. It directly impacts all kinds of work. If the body is healthy, it boosts the overall mental output at work everywhere while a weak body gives rise to job dissatisfaction, stress, violence, unexpected loss of income, and many other distress and hardships.

Countless successful people like scientists, entrepreneurs, and celebrities have given an indisputable connection between fitness and success. They have given several successful ways of good fitness and health to make your career a success. Summing up all the ways, some of them are highlighted below:

How can good fitness and health improve your career success
  • Exercise: Regular exercise clears your mind, makes you feel more motivated, and boosts your productivity. Exercise also increases mental sharpness and enhances your memory. Studies show that when we work out, we release a chemical called brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) for better memory, concentration and mental sharpness.
  • Good fitness reduces stress: A physically fit body lifts our mood and helps us feel better. There are fewer health problems and a healthier lifestyle. Reduced stress results in decreased absenteeism from work. It improves work habits and increases productivity.
  • Increases productivity: A healthy and fit body fuels our performance. It produces more energy, boosts our mental output and makes us more productive. While an unfit body gives rise to job dissatisfaction, workplace injury, job loss, retrenchment and early retirement.
  • Lower risk of diseases: A fit and healthy body prevents certain health conditions like heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and also from many other mental sicknesses. It increases personal strength, and stamina and boosts the immune system of the body.
  • Increase in confidence: a healthy body optimizes the benefits of a healthy routine. It gives rise to a happy environment, reduced conflict, improved performance, and helps to complete the work on time. These all result in a better output which appreciates the employee and it ends up in good confidence.
  • Increased mental fitness: A fit and healthy body gives rise to a healthy mind. It reduces social isolation or loneliness, discrimination and stigma, severe long-term stress, and bereavement which are the causes of mental health problems. Hence, improved job evaluations, better employee retention and advancement are the positive outcomes of mental fitness.

We conclude that good fitness and health shot up career success. The employees are ready to take challenges and opportunities very confidently and happily. It also gives rise to better teamwork which ultimately results in miracles!!

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