How to Wash Workout Gloves?

Do you wear gloves while working out? Without any doubt, they provide a better grip and also prevent you from getting callused.

But, what to do after you are done with your workout? You just put your workout gloves inside your gym bag. Right! Usually, you will take out your workout wears and give a good spin but do not take out your workout gloves.

Today it has become a necessity to use proper workout gloves than ever before. Also, providing you a better grip to avoid injuries and lift weights, workout gloves provide complete safety. This is the reason people are quite serious about health and fitness and hitting the gym during such COVID-19 period. In this post, we will know in detail how to properly clean the workout gloves and understand more about it.

What’re Workout Gloves?

Working out puts some stress on your joints. It means that they stretch a bit further than they’re used to. Hence, to cope up with such stress and stretching many people use gloves that will help their wrists.

The gloves are generally available in different materials and sizes. Some are made to absorb sweat whereas some people use this to improve their grips. These aren’t only specific with the weight lifting but also for the workout gloves.

For using dumbbells, push-ups, and various other types of exercises need extra reinforcement to your wrists. Making use of workout gloves will be an ideal way to protect them as well as avoid any strain on your joints.

When to Clean Your Workout Gloves After Use?

Even though some manufactures have specific guidelines when it comes to cleaning the workout gloves, they are generally specific to the people. This depends on the type of workout that they do and the duration of their usage.

Thus, you will be the right person to know when your workout gloves need proper cleaning. Doing periodical cleaning every week, twice a week, or monthly depends upon your usage. Suppose there is plenty of sweat absorption with your gloves then cleaning it weekly will be a good option. This will make sure they don’t accumulate salt and odor content because of excessive sweating.

If you aren’t somebody who sweats much when working out, you can clean your gloves twice a week or monthly. This will make sure your gloves are odor-free, clean, as well as serve the purpose that they are planned to.

Ways to Clean Your Workout Gloves

How to Wash Workout Gloves

Wash Your Gloves in a Sink

Your first step in cleaning the gloves is soaking them in a sink. Fill the tub with warm water & add dishwashing detergent. Ensure water is warm enough that you can comfortable get your hands inside, but it isn’t boiling. The amount of detergent must be enough to make the water sudsy.

Soak your gloves in this sudsy warm water and massage gently with every glove. Ensure you get enough water around each glove. Get a little water inside the glove fingers & scrub off the grime that may have accumulated.

Clean Your Gloves in Washing Machine

Some gloves need to be cleaned in the washing machine, as hand washing cannot do enough cleaning. So just throw your gloves in the washing machine.

Get It Dry in Sun

Before going ahead with this step, just make the fabric material of your gloves allows you to dry it outdoors, and putting your gloves in direct sunlight will weaken your gloves fibers, thus losing out on the shape faster. For this reason, see whether your gloves can be dried outside after your wash. Get it dry for some hours under direct sun, heat, and air will do its job of drying them and get rid of bad odor.

Right Way To Clean Your Workout Gloves

To know if you must hand wash your workout gloves, or put them in a washer, make sure you check the washing instructions of your gloves. Leather gloves and some materials must not be put in a washer. You need to hand clean them.

  • Take one small container & fill the container with water. Put lots of antibacterial soap in it. Some like dish soap as it easily takes off salt, grease, and soot. You may strong antibacterial soap or laundry detergent if you want.
  • Turn your gloves inside out as inside is a bit harder to wash otherwise, and usually it accumulates nasty germs more. Massage your gloves manually & squeeze them to take out excess water. Repeat some times until water that comes out is clean. Suppose you have the leather gloves, then you must take proper precautions and not squeeze it very hard.
  • If your workout gloves smell even after cleaning it thoroughly, you need to soak your gloves in the detergent water for one hour. You may clean after soak and see the difference that it makes. This will be very simple to clean out dirt when you soak, but, this isn’t suggested for all types of materials.
  • Ensure you clean the workout gloves completely with normal and room temperature water, hence detergents will not leave any residue. The chemical residue that might get stuck in the gloves while getting in contact with the skin will cause allergic reactions.
  • Suppose the instructions say that you can wash your gloves in a machine, then you can do it. But ensure you secure Velcro straps because you do not want it to be stuck with other clothes.

How to Wash Workout Gloves with Alcohol and Anti-Bacterial Soap?

Try to use anti-bacterial and diluted Isopropyl solution post workout as it will get rid of bacteria and filth and can prevent your gloves from catching any bad odor. While using alcohol to wash your gloves try to rub a little alcohol in the paper towel at the first sign of the smell. After this rub down, stick one sheet of Bounce sheets in every glove so that it can absorb any odor.

Besides, start to use any anti-bacterial spray after your workout when workout gloves are smelly and sweaty as it can kill the bacteria & leave them out in open air to get it dry and sterilize, so that you may start using it again.

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