Jaggery vs Sugar vs Honey – Which One is More Healthier?

Sugar is known to have 0 nutrition values and empty calories without any health benefits. Due to the high glycemic index & absence of vitamins, sugar raises your blood sugar levels too fast.

Jaggery seems to be the better choice compared to sugar since it isn’t processed like sugar. However, jaggery isn’t a good option for diabetic patients since it has a high glycemic index.

Compared to both the options honey is a better choice since it’s less processed as well as has a low glycemic index. So, make sure you avoid eating food products, which have higher sugar amounts like chocolates, ice creams, biscuits, and juices. Sugar intake must be controlled to avoid any type of health issues.

Jaggery vs Sugar vs Honey

Why is Sugar Unhealthy?

Sugar is very high in calories however that is not the only reason why it is considered unhealthy. Various other factors like high Glycemic Index matter too. GI is a spike in the blood sugar that certain food gives. If GI is higher, then the food is unhealthy.

Suppose you continue eating plenty of sugar, quite often, then the insulin response of your body will start betting dysfunctional. It increases the diabetes risk. Even more, high blood sugar is not very good for heart health as well.

What Makes Jaggery a Healthier Option?

Popular called ‘Gur’, Jaggery production is the simple process that includes crushing the sugarcane and extracting its juice, heating this to produce the thick crystals and solidifying it to give the shape of the blocks.

Besides jaggery is considered a much better option when compared to sugar as, it has a small number of minerals and B vitamins, which include iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, and potassium. Besides these minerals and vitamins, 10-gram Jaggery offers 36 KCAL (no fat, minimal protein, and 8.5-grams carbohydrates).

Why Use Honey As a Substitute?

Honey is highly rich in sugar as well as is stored by the honey bees from different flowers. This has 40 percent of fructose, 30 percent of glucose as well as 17 percent of water in it. Around 100 grams of honey has potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, vitamin B & C. One tablespoon of the honey has 20 calories that include 5-gram carbs. It does not have any additional protein or fat added to this.

Honey can be purified before the distribution process and is also less processed compared to sugar. One tablespoon of pure honey gives the same taste as 1 tablespoon of sugar.

SugarLower hunger & cravings Increase energy Boost appearance.Increase risk of various heart diseases Abnormal weight gain Increase risk of Diabetes Risk of acne Increase depression Increase risk of cancer Lead to the fatty liver Accelerate skin ageing process.
JaggeryDetoxify liver Helps to purify your blood Helps to relieve Constipation Prevent Anaemia Works as a cleanser for your body Control BP Maintain better health Helps in the weight loss Relieve pains of joint.Increases risk of parasitic infections Excessive consumption will lead to higher blood sugar levels Nose bleeding Indigestion Aggravate health problems.
HoneyIncreases memory power Immunity booster Remedy for dandruff Helps to cure cough Works as natural sleeping aid Used to heal wounds Helps in the gum disease.Nerve Damage Abdominal discomfort High risk of bleeding.

Final Verdict

Work to lower your sweet craving. This is the only reliable and long-term way to get fit and stay healthy. And stay careful of marketers who are trying to sell brown things to you.

However, if you are having Sugar, make sure you replace it with dates or jaggery as a better option. They have lesser chemicals, more nutrients, and a magic formula, which has several ancient cultures believing in it. It makes an amazing deal.

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