Netilmac 10mg Injection Uses and Side Effects

Medicine Name Netilmac 10mg Injection
Manufactured By Macleods Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Medicine Category Aminoglycosides
Salt Composition Netilmicin (10mg)

Netilmac 10mg Injection Side Effects

Ototoxicity,Kidney damage

Netilmac 10mg Injection Uses

Netilmac 10mg Injection is an antibiotic used to prevent or treat a wide variety of bacterial infections. This may include infections of the urinary tract, bones and joints, lungs (e.g. pneumonia), blood and some others.Netilmac 10mg Injection may also be used in hospitalized patients to prevent infections. It works by stopping the growth of bacteria. It is given as a drip (intravenous infusion) or as an injection directly into a vein or a muscle under the supervision of a healthcare professional. Your doctor may shift you to another antibiotic after culture reports become available. It should be used regularly at evenly spaced time intervals as prescribed by your doctor. Do not skip any doses and finish the full course of treatment even if you feel better. Stopping the medicine too early may lead to the infection returning or worsening.This medicine may cause toxicity of the ear (ototoxicity) or kidney damage as side effects in some patients. Therefore, please follow all the instructions given by your doctor while using this medicine. Your doctor may monitor you with regular kidney function tests or hearing tests during treatment. This medication is not recommended for use during pregnancy. Inform your doctor if you are pregnant, planning to conceive, or breastfeeding.

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