Pulmigen Sub-Lingual Tablet Uses and Side Effects

Medicine Name Pulmigen Sub-Lingual Tablet
Manufactured By Cipla Ltd
Medicine Category All Other Anti Infectives
Salt Composition Bacterial Lysate (50mg)

Pulmigen Sub-Lingual Tablet Side Effects

No common side effects seen

Pulmigen Sub-Lingual Tablet Uses

Pulmigen Sub-Lingual Tablet is a prescription medicine used to prevent diseases of respiratory tract. It helps to improve and increase immunity and prevents recurrent bacterial or viral infections in the airways. This medicine is for inhalation purposes only. Thus, it should not be taken by mouth. It is important to follow all the guidelines of the doctor before using it. However, before using it, inform the doctor if you have suffered or are currently suffering from any stomach, liver, or kidney disease. Serious side effects are unlikely to occur after using this medication. But, you may get stomach upset and vomiting.

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